You live in a fiction 🎭 

You live in fiction and fiction never ends.

Asif Durrani

You live in fiction and your story is spread across various books; you shift your role of being protagonist from one chapter in a day to a different chapter in another book. You write your own stories every day in your books. A book for the home, a book for the office, a book for the friends, and if you studying at a business school you will have one extra, a book for business school. You get immerse in the story and move forward chapter by chapter in your respective book every day.

The moment your start your journey toward an executive MBA while working at the office and managing responsibilities at home you push yourself further to begin writing a new book with chapter one being written from your first day at the campus. After few years when you are about to graduate from that business school you would find yourself at the last chapter. It’s the time then to pick one of your existing book of life and add few more chapters based on your pedagogy. This time you will write your stories differently with more authority and more maturity.

The thirst for writing new stories every day should never be quenched. After completing one book you must reconcile yourself and start planning your next book.

Your journey at work; as you progress towards your retirement is more tormented. The time you realized that you have become a downer for your employer and they will off load you soon; you will discover more time for yourself to become a better anecdotist and start adding more exciting chapters in your personal book of life. As time passes by you will realize that the ultimate secret of being a successful person in life is not just rely on your own books but to become a protagonist in someone else story.

No matter how hard you try. You will never be able to complete your own book of life. You have to leave your story incomplete and begin your journey for your eternal life abruptly and unexpectedly.

You will only be remembered for the stories you wrote with the people you lived. You will only be regarded with the number of books you left behind in someone else library. That’s the only way to remain alive in fiction of the generation to come. You live in fiction and fiction never ends.

Asif Durrani
01 May 2022

Picture credit: Author

Venue: London Class Room, HULT DXB Campus.

This article is dedicated to my wayfarers in the cohort of EMBA 2020 at HULT International Business School.

(this intuitive idea was conceived and written on the day I presented my final year project; the FMC (Future Mindset Challenge) at the campus and defended our project along with our team members in front of jury, catalyst and the honourable Dean).