Intuitive mind is a sacred gift 🧠

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and smarter than AI (Artificial Intelligence) 🧠

Asif Durrani

This article is about my introspective journey:

1.) March 23rd — Pakistan National day. I watched the parade on television 📺

2.) March 24th — International Day at kids’ school with a flag 🇵🇰 on their uniform 🏫

3.) March 25th — I am back at business school and my kid gave me the badge so I can wear it as well at Hult International Business School 🇵🇰

Since then my mind keep giving me a recall of flag 🇵🇰 wherever I see the combination of green+white whether it’s Careem , Uber , Udrive UAE , Zaatar W Zeit, or even dettol antiseptic

Amazing! — This is how our complex brain 🧠 is designed. It captures photographic memory with a combination of some attributes, stores them inside neurons, and recalls when needed (consciously or subconsciously). In computer science, the neural networks are designed on the same concept to match the pattern and solve the problems; in more simple words what we call the use of AI and deep learning, etc.

The concept is also explained very well by Daniel Goleman in his books (Emotional Intelligence & Focus).

On another note; this shows what we consume we experience later. If we fill our minds with grudges, hate, resentment, and negative feeling we will experience the same in our daily life. If we fill our day with positivity we will experience positivity. Your mind is a powerful gift and the only tool which can beat AI (Artificial Intelligence). 🖥

Being introspective(examination of one’s thoughts and feelings) is a blessing that shouldn’t be taken for granted. It is important to analyze your brain and develop an ability to train your subconscious. 🧠

Asif Durrani


Photo credit for features image: Photo by The Artist Studio on Unsplash