Life is a fiction. 🎭

Remember the golden rule of every story; the prologue and epilogue. Write your story well.

Asif Durrani

Life is fiction. Every day when you open your eyes you have two choices to be made, either become a protagonist or an antagonist. Every morning you are blessed with the option to select your role. It is up to you how you define your role for that day being protagonist or antagonist. The plot will be more or like the same, you dress up yourself, grab breakfast, and rush for work but the flipping of the roll for that day is totally in your hands.

If you have some ambition in your life; you “do what you love” or you have that burning desire to achieve something today then you are a protagonist. If you have that morning kick and you know what makes you up early in the morning and have a purpose in life then you are the protagonist in today’s plot and can drive yourself and drive the rest of your day.

On contrary, if you don’t have that kick start for that day and don’t know what to do in the next few hours then you are an antagonist for that day. No matter how good things come across to you on that day you will not be able to pick the clue and every situation will come to you as a bad omen. If you don’t have a passion for today’s plot and no burning desire to achieve something today then some protagonist will drive you away. You will be in your story for a day and in the same old plot but the story will be written by the protagonist, not by yourself.

Remember the golden rule of every story; the prologue and epilogue. The story started with a bright sunny day and ends with the protagonist who lives happily ever after and forever. It is the protagonist who drives the story to the plot and becomes known as an achiever by the end of the story. The antagonist gets disappears after the climax somewhere in the mid of the story. If you want to keep yourself in the story and keep driving yourself till the end of the day and do not disappear by mid-day then you have to choose the role of becoming the protagonist every day; without any doubt. This is how life treats you every day and gives your both options. You have a plot ready for the next day and you have a blank story to be written and the selection of charter either become protagonist or antagonist lies in your hands.

Life gives you choices every day; either to drive yourself or be driven by someone else.

Asif Durrani

29 Mar 2022

Bonus item:

If you heard of ying-yang or have seen the below picture. It’s the same analogy, which tells that there is an evil inside good and there is a good inside every evil. It is up to you what is driving you in the vicious cycle of life and what keeps you moving every day.

Ying & Yang: In Ancient Chinese philosophy, yin and yang is a Chinese philosophical concept that describes how obviously opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. (Source: Wikipedia)