Preserve the Artisan 👩‍🎨 

The responsibility of a leader is to identify artisan and cultivate their craftmanship.

Asif Durrani

An organization is a combination of analytical minds and creative minds; it’s the responsibility of a leader to decide which side will dominate over the other.

Similar to our brain which is divided into two symmetrical hemispheres which control the left side and right of the brain. The left side is more analytical and number driven whereas the right side is more creative and emotion-driven. Based on our cognitive learning and experiences we developed one side of the brain which dominates the others.

An organization works similarly, the left side of the brain is the finance team, the IT guys, the nerd, and geeks in the data analytics team the people who believe in numbers and rational thinking but lack critical thinking and intuitive decision making. These are the left siders who are visible to the management with the title of work associated with them and translated into financial statements. And then there is another group of people the critical thinker and relationship-builders who use the number and logic in their daily routine but are not completely driven by those numbers. These are the front-line people, in a client-facing environment who know the pulse of the customers and act as an ambassador for their organization. These people are the ones who built relationships with their clients and create a picture of the future for the company and its customers.

The responsibility of a leader is to identify those people and cultivate their craftmanship. They are the “Artisan” for an organization. The people who paint the picture of sustainable and scalable growth for the company. These right-siders in an organization sows the seed of relationship, trust, and integrity between the company and customers which are vital elements for any organization. Unfortunately, these elements are not visible in company financial statements and the leader becomes oblivious to these facts.

The supreme act of leadership is to identify, nurture, and preserve the Artisan. The right-brainers are the people who go beyond, work late without a laptop and their mind keeps thinking about the growth of the company while in a dream or taking a shower. The time when the right side of the brain kicks in most. Unfortunately, the same group of people are the most neglected by the managers but not by the true leaders.

Asif Durrani

07 Apr 2022

Bonus item:

If you are not familiar with the concept of left brain vs right brain dominance then here is a quick image to explain you the concept. This theory was coined by Roger Wolcott Sperry an American neuropsychologist and a Nobel laureate who togher with David Hunter Hubel and Torsten Nils Wiesel won the 1981 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for his work with split-brain research.

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