Preserve the Artisan 👩‍🎨 

The supreme act of leadership is to identify, nature, and preserve the Artisan. The right-brainers are the people who go beyond, work late without a laptop and their mind keeps thinking about the growth of the company while in a dream or taking a shower. The time when the right side of the brain kicks in most. Unfortunately, the same group of people are the most neglected by the managers but not by the true leaders.

Read to lead 📚 

A leader who doesn’t read cannot think. A leader who doesn’t write cannot delegate. A leader who doesn’t listen is doomed to disappear. And a leader who doesn’t encourage reading will never be able to have a successor.

Give a cover 🪖  

Leadership never makes a soldier redundant but in the corporate world, we do make people redundant. The industry has witnessed numerous corporate leaders who used to call their employees a part of a family but at the time of layoff, they smartly avoid the use of the word ‘family’ in their farewell notes.