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I am payments protagonist and an aspiring pedagogist. I am progressively cracking to find my true potential. This blog site is to share my views, opinions and foresight. That’s a quick intro about myself. Thanks for visiting!

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Business is an art and best piece of art is fiction. People buy fiction and I craft stories for them.

Asif Durrani

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Currently I am sharing my views, opinion and foresight in a form of three blog series: Leadership Essentials, People & Society and Life is a fiction. You may select the respective series from the menu item or by clicking on series name. Happy reading.

Life is a fiction. 🎭

If you have some ambition in your life; you “do what you love” or you have that burning desire to achieve something today then you are a protagonist. If you have that morning kick and you know what makes you up early in the morning and have a purpose in life then you are the protagonist in today’s plot and can drive yourself and drive the rest of your day.

Intuitive mind is a sacred gift 🧠

If we fill our minds with grudges, hate, resentment, and negative feeling we will experience the same in our daily life. If we fill our day with positivity we will experience positivity. Your mind is a powerful gift and the only tool which can beat AI (Artificial Intelligence). 🖥

Preserve the Artisan 👩‍🎨 

The supreme act of leadership is to identify, nature, and preserve the Artisan. The right-brainers are the people who go beyond, work late without a laptop and their mind keeps thinking about the growth of the company while in a dream or taking a shower. The time when the right side of the brain kicks in most. Unfortunately, the same group of people are the most neglected by the managers but not by the true leaders.


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